Informing the Reforming

A La Carte (January 20)

Today’s Kindle deals include just a single, solitary book. It’s a good one, at least.

Westminster Books is offering a discount on a great book: James Buchanan’s Justification. They’ve also got several other titles on justification discounted.

Why I’m Thankful to Be An American Today

Everyone is writing about America today. I appreciate Amy’s thoughts on why she’s especially thankful to be American.

Introducing the Christian Standard Bible

There’s a new Bible translation in town, and, based on a brief look, I quite like it. Here’s a short introduction.

Picking Up Sticks in the Service of Jesus

“One of the perennial problems of the fallen human condition is that men and women love to serve when there is respect, reputation and remuneration involved, and not serve when it involves what they perceive to be a menial task done out of the sight of the prying and praising eyes of others. This is no less true of members and leaders in the church as it is among the people of the world.”

What Mike Pence Didn’t Do

It’s amazing how the media is portraying actions they perceive as anti-gay. Denny Burk shows how the headlines don’t nearly tell the truth.

The Man Behind Comic Sans (Video)

Here’s the story behind the world’s least-loved font.

This Day in 1569. 448 years ago today translator Miles Cloverdale, who produced the first complete printed English bible, died in London. *

Mobile Ed

Remember that from today until January 23, all of Logos’ Mobile Ed courses are free!

Preparing a Fossil (Video)

“Where most people see Tyrannosaurus or Hadrosaurus, I tend to see the product of millions of hours of dedication.” This video shows how those dinosaur bones are prepared.

Biblical Survey of God’s Kingdom

Here’s D.A. Carson tracing the theme of God’s kingdom through the Bible.

Flashback: Going All-in With Ebooks

It has been a year since I made the leap. I haven’t looked back.


The gospel turns the duty of doing and experiencing God’s will into a delight. —Sinclair Ferguson


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