Informing the Reforming

A La Carte (January 3)

Today’s Kindle deals include a biography that has been highly recommended as well as a book by Tim Keller.

Free from Logos this month is volume 1 of the Bulletin for Biblical Research from the Institute for Biblical Research.

John MacArthur’s Ten Crucial Lessons to Teach Our Children

Here are ten crucial lessons John MacArthur says we must teach our children.

Death, The New Year And The Hope of Christ

This is an encouraging article. “People are shocked by tragedy and tragedies are supposed to be shocking. But tragedies are not surprises. They are reminders. Tragedies help to awaken us out of an illusion of what is not to what is actually the norm in this world. There is nothing more normal to history than evil and death. It is not strange. It is tragically normal.”

10 Things You Should Know about the Lordship Salvation Controversy

Though this may seem like an older controversy, it continues to exist today. Sam Storms offers an explanation.

The Hauntingly Stoic Vacancy of Civil War Amputees

Haunting. Stoic. Vacant. These all describe the men in these tragic photos.

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine

Here is the list of columns from this month’s Tabletalk magazine. They are all free to read online.

This Day in 1638. 379 years ago today Shogunate warriors defeated Christian and peasant rebels in Shimabara. After the rebellion was quelled, Christianity was outlawed in Japan. *

How Do We Know Who Wrote the Gospels?

Timothy Paul Jones answers those who claim we can’t really know who wrote the gospels.

One Thing I Did Right in Ministry

Tom Ascol talks about one thing he did very well when in ministry: He started a book table. And, just as importantly, he stocked it with good books.

3 Tips for Sharing the Gospel with Catholics

The title for this article is actually “Three practical ways to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation,” but I most appreciated the three tips (from an ex-Catholic) for sharing the gospel with Catholics.

Flashback: The Christian Introvert

I have no right to crave introverted solitude. Rather, the gospel compels me to deny even that trait and all its desires in order to serve other people. I am introverted, but this does not give me a different calling in life than the gregarious Christian.


We insanely run at well as though it were heaven, and reject heaven as though it were hell itself. —Ray Comfort


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