Informing the Reforming

A La Carte (November 18)


I’m writing today from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am here for Saturday’s Treasuring Christ Conference at Ballygomartin Baptist Church. If you’re in the area, I’ll also be at the Evangelical Book Shop tomorrow from 12:30-1:30 and would love to meet you there.

Today’s Kindle deals include just one, but it may be of interest: Exploring Christian Theology.

Plus Ca Change

Carl Trueman offers some valuable reflections on the aftermath (and insignificance) of the presidential election.

The Common Sin of Middle Age Believers

What sin is a particularly significant temptation for Christians in middle age? Barry York provides a pretty good answer. I turn 40 two weeks from today, so it’s becoming relevant to me!

Practice Makes Perfect

“Is it possible to get better at showing mercy? To grow in generosity? To become more loving? To be a better neighbor? And, if yes, is growth in these areas related to practice? Put another way, is the Christian life like everything else in life?”

Junk Food’s Happiest Accident

Here’s the story behind the cheese curl, junk food’s happiest accident.

4 Spiritual Disciplines for Christian Authors

George Guthrie does a great job explaining what can be a sore temptation for Christian authors.

This Day in 1899. 117 years ago today Baron Paul Nicolay founded the St. Petersburg Student Christian Movement, organizing discussions and preaching in universities until it was ended by Communists in 1917. *

I Feel Like a Boy, Mom

This article on gender-confused children is hard to read but aptly shows what society is beginning to consider normal and good.

Not All Conservative Churches Grow

You’ve probably read the recent articles about growing churches being conservative. Here is a word of caution because not all conservative churches grow and not all deserve to.

How Do Supreme Court Justices Get Appointed?

This short video explains.

Flashback: Satan’s Great Trick

This article is very short but unveils a huge trick that is one of Satan’s favorites.


When a view becomes popular in culture, it seems certain some theologians will discover it in the Bible and church tradition. —John Frame

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