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A La Carte (November 9)

Am I supposed to say something about yesterday’s election surprise? I am far too tired to do that, having stayed up way too late watching election results for a country I don’t live in! Perhaps read WORLD’s or Christianity Today’s takes, or listen to Dr. Mohler’s The Briefing.

Today’s Kindle deals include some good titles. New from GLH Publishing is The Prayer of a Broken Heart by Robert Candlish. Also, they’ve discounted The Mystery of the Lord’s Supper by Thomas Watson. Christian Focus has discounted three titles: God is my Strength by Patricia Ennis, Everyday Worship by Trisha Wilkerson, and Far Above Rubies by Lynette Clark. Also, How Would Jesus Vote? by Darrell Bock and The Big Book of Christian Apologetics: An A to Z Guide by Norm Geisler.

The Church Will Be the Church

I guess I’m sharing this a day late, but it’s really no less relevant today. “No matter who wins in the election today, no matter what party takes hold of the reins of power, no matter which color – red or blue – is cheering at the end of the night, the church will keep doing what she’s always done.”

6 Reasons Congregational Singing Is Waning

These are some good insights into waning congregational singing.

John Piper on Reading Christian Biography

Vance Christie channels John Piper in explaining the value of reading historic Christian biography.

The Key to a Flourishing Mind

There is wisdom in this article about unplugging and getting away.

Learning from the Judges

R.C. Sproul says, “sometimes we can zero in on one period of time in the past, observe how the entire span of human history recapitulates that particular period, and then learn from that period what we should do today.”

This Day in 1572. 444 years ago today and fifteen days before his death John Knox preached his last sermon in Edinburgh, Scotland. *

Should Christians Defend Themselves?

Is it permissible for Christians to defend themselves? Erik Raymond provides an answer.

Strange Places to Vote

I enjoyed this photo gallery showing odd places Americans vote.

Flashback: God’s Not Really That Holy, I’m Not Really That Bad

How do you know that you really get the gospel, that you really understand and believe it? Or perhaps better said, how do you know that the gospel has really gotten you, that it has taken hold of you and begun to permanently transform you?


It’s one thing to believe in Christian orthodoxy. It is another thing not to be embarrassed about it. —Andrew Walker

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