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Weekend A La Carte (February 4)

Today’s Kindle deals include just a few titles that might be worth looking over and picking up.

Why Pro-Lifers Focus So Much on Abortion

Matthew Lee Anderson has an interesting piece in Vox. “For the pro-lifer, that ‘clump of cells’ is as wondrous, as potent, as mysterious as, well, the cosmos. The recognition of the ‘baby’ induces a hushed reverence. The universe once appeared out of nothing, a fact that reasonably seems to induce the strange vertigo of awe, but the formation of a new human being is not so different from this.”

The Father Is Not the Son

Stan Fowler has a gentle call to Christians to pray and sing precisely, without mixing up the persons of the Trinity.

I Have Deleted Politics From My Digital Life

I, too, have largely deleted politics from my digital (social media) life. I’ve found the quality of my life has improved substantially!

Foster Care as the Way of Christ

“Americans, in particular, are doers. Foster care is not like a two-week trip to an orphanage where you hold babies, paint a wall, and leave. In foster care you are committing your finances, emotions, and even personal safety on a much deeper level. This isn’t something you can post about on social media. You legally can’t share pictures of these children you care for online. Can you serve without telling everyone on social media how it’s going?”

The Pronouns of the Gospel

When pronouns are so much in the news, we do well to remember the pronouns of the gospel.

This Day in 1906. 111 years ago today German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was born. He authored various books including “Cost of Discipleship” and actively opposed the Nazis as one of Germany’s Confessing Church leaders. *

Stop Using the Word “Literal” in Biblical Interpretation

Justin Taylor has some good thoughts on why we shouldn’t use “literal” to describe biblical interpretation. Is it coincidence that his article appears the day after I used the term? Only JT knows. But I don’t disagree with him.

A Strategy for Team Meetings

This is a helpful strategy for team meetings. “A primary key to leading amazing meetings is to schedule different kinds of meetings for various purposes. Try to accomplish everything in one (way too long) weekly staff meeting, and you will find that it just does not work.”

How the U.S. Marines Encourage Service-Based Leadership

On a somewhat similar note, here’s how the Marines display and encourage service-based leadership.

Flashback: The Hidden Beauty of a Bad Sermon

There are not many preachers who get away without preaching a few stinkers along the way. There are not many preachers who can become skilled without first being novices, who can grow into excellence without first being mediocre or average.

How a Minister in the Northeast Went to Seminary Online in the Midwest

I’m thankful to Midwestern Seminary for sponsoring the blog this week. Sponsors play a key role in keeping the site up and running!


The church is not merely a roster of individuals who pray privately; it is a congregation that ought to pray together. —Megan Hill


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