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Psa. 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Making choices is something we all do every day. We don’t give our ability to choose, our free will, very much thought. At the end of the day our heart usually overrides our head, we ultimately follow our pleasure rather than our intellect. This free will thing is closely related to our basic need to be born again. Whether we like to admit it or not, our free will is why we need to be born again. Somehow, connected to the fall of mankind, is our freewill that has been hopelessly bound by our fallen sinful nature. Until we are born again our promises to do better or turn over a new leaf fall miserably short. It is the very nature of the new birth that liberates us to choose rightly and to enjoy it. That is where the power of conversion is, a change of the very nature of our being, we love different things than we used to. Here are some thoughts from Augustine on today’s verse.
“What is it, brethren? Let us find out our riches, let mankind choose their parts. Let us see men torn with diversity of desires: let some choose war-service, some advocacy, some divers and sundry offices of teaching, some merchandise, some farming, let them take their portions in human affairs: let the people of God cry, “my portion is my God.” Not for a time “my portion;” but “my portion is my God for everlasting.” Even if I alway have gold, what have I? Even if I did not alway have God, how great a good should I have? To this is added, that He promises Himself to me, and He promises that I shall have this for everlasting. So great a thing I have, and never have it not. Great felicity: “my portion is God!” How long? “For everlasting.” For behold and see after what sort He hath loved him; He hath made his heart chaste: “God of my heart, and my portion is God for everlasting.”

People all around us can make poor choices. They may choose an illicit adventure of sexual exploits, or a night of drinking away their sorrows, or even compromise in their business dealings; these are common traps than most people fall into. It is not so with those who have experienced redemption and this new life in Christ. They still have the ability to make choices, they just desire different things.

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