Planned Parenthood won’t report child sex-trafficking?

tlg-christian-news-us-planned-parenthood-wont-report-child-sextrafficking-plannedparenthoodinstpaulIn 2011, a Live Action crew posing as sex traffickers, visited a number of Planned Parenthood clinics and asked if they could arrange abortions for 14 and 15-year-old “sex workers.” Planned Parenthood workers were caught on video saying yes, that they didn’t obey parental notification laws, and going on to give further advice.

Planned Parenthood responded by promising to provide training to its employees on identifying victims of sex-trafficking. A new report shows that this training never happened, except for a workshop billed as such but was really on how to detect undercover video crews.

From Alexandra DeSanctis, Planned Parenthood & Child-Sex Trafficking: Crimes Still Unreported | National Review:

A new investigation conducted by pro-life organization Live Action has revealed that Planned Parenthood failed to disclose suspected child-sex trafficking to authorities and did not follow through on promises to train staff members in properly reporting instances of such abuse.

In 2011, a Live Action undercover investigation gathered evidence of eight Planned Parenthood staffers in seven abortion clinics who appeared willing to aid and abet the trafficking of minors. Posing as child-sex traffickers, Live Action investigators visited Planned Parenthood facilities in New York, Arizona, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., inquiring about obtaining abortions, contraception, and STI tests for underage girls.

The investigation footage shows Planned Parenthood employees assisting these supposed traffickers, outlining the best ways to get abortions and birth control for 14- and 15-year-old victims. The staffers said that Planned Parenthood clinics would always ignore parental-consent laws and perform abortions for underage girls involved in sex work, and they explained illegal methods of obtaining abortions and birth control from clinics for minors without health insurance.

After Live Action released the evidence from its initial investigation, Planned Parenthood told the media that it would train all clinic workers to detect and disclose suspected sexual abuse of minors. . . .

Contrary to the claims in Richards’s letter, recent Freedom of Information Act records requests made to state justice departments, police departments, and child-protective services in the jurisdictions targeted by Live Action’s original sting show that only one state, Arizona, had records indicating a relevant report was filed with authorities. And in an interview with Live Action, former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Ramona Treviño said that instead of training employees to help trafficking victims, the organization held sessions on how to determine whether they were being secretly recorded.

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