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False god exposed: Former New Age blogger smashes deceptions of false religions after encountering Holy Spirit

(Facebook/Steven Bancarz)

Former New Age blogger Steven Bancarz is on a mission to expose the lies behind false religions.

“All the false god of this world has to offer is a pile of crap disguised as pleasure for a season that leads to death in the end.”

The quote comes from former New Age blogger Steven Bancarz, a man who used to be one of the leading online writers for spirit science and metaphysics topics.

Charisma News wrote about Bancarz who reveals in a recent Facebook post his encounter with the Holy Spirit earlier this year. Bancarz says it was a life-changing experience that made him realise the deceptions being peddled by false religions.

Now, he is on a mission to expose the lies behind these false religions by preaching the truth about Jesus Christ.

Bancarz says the false god of the New Age movement “tricks you into rebellion and gives you pride to make you think you don’t need Jesus and you can ‘get right with God’ later.”

He says the movement tells its followers that it’s a religion to convince them not to look any further. “You might go along with it because your flesh is weak and your heart might be hardened with pain, but deep down beneath the surface your spirit wants all that God has for you,” he says.

He notes that other religions tell their followers that they could go to heaven by following certain things like “obey all commandments and MAYBE you’ll be saved but who knows; get rid of all your desires and rid your mind of attachment to everything; study the mysteries and learn all the secret knowledge you can to free yourself from the material world.”

He says in contrast, “there’s no catch, no risk and no fine print” in Christianity. “Jesus gives you new life, eternity in Heaven, regeneration, and everything the human spirit could even dream of asking for and it doesn’t cost you a thing other than to surrender your heart to Him and have faith in the work he did on the cross. That’s it,” he says.

Bancarz says he wants to “advertise” Jesus to others who still don’t believe that they all have access to the gift of salvation that He brings. “God loves YOU and Jesus died for YOU and it costs you nothing to receive these blessings,” he says.

He says he wants to tell these people that Jesus is “the best news ever.”

“He gives us his Holy Spirit to confirm these things for us too. It’s real, it’s what life is all about … I have come to know him just as hundreds of millions of others have, you can know him too, and all Jesus asks for in return is your heart,” Bancarz says.

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