Admit it. You can’t afford not to budget. There are plenty of people out there who–despite their six-figure income–still find themselves in a vicious paycheck to paycheck cycle. The only way out? Budget. A good budget fits snuggly, but isn’t suffocating. It gives direction but isn’t overbearing. A real budget is constructive, not constrictive. My guess is, you’ve been in a bad-budget relationship most of your adult life. That good-for-nothing budget promised you extra money in your account and an end to your problems. Instead, you found nothing but store-brand beans, frustration, and a building sense of failure. You probably left the budget, then came back. Left, came back. Apologized. Left. Came back.

Left. It isn’t you Budget, it’s me. I just can’t do this. It’s too hard. Budgeting shouldn’t be dramatic. Healthy money management isn’t painful. When set up right, a budget is empowering. Let me assuage your fears (and let me use the word “assuage”) by helping you avoid some common budg..