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Sorry that I haven't been posting lately! We just found out that we are having a baby girl in July 2015 so, I've been dealing with the joys of pregnancy and working on getting my 2nd book out! I'm going to post tips about pregnancy and dealing with all of the fun symptoms soon!

Thanks for your patience and I will get to posting again soon!
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Heather Lindsey

What does courage look like? Does it come with confidence, the swagger of certainty? Or does it spring from something more fragile, vulnerable, and costly? Selma offers a feature length portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that rises above clichés that drag so many bio-pics down. Far from a stodgy hagiography, Selma is enormously entertaining and remarkably resonant. King’s marches may look clear and strong in archival footage but what kinds of confusion and doubt preceded them?

Selma takes u..

Every winter, I try to make sure my car is in shape for the ‘elements’ so I do a few bits of maintenance that I’ve found to be really beneficial. While $100 isn’t something that’s just lying around for everyone, it is a good investment for your vehicle to ensure that you won’t have to replace your engine and that it will last through the winter for many years to come.

Car Winterization TipsChange OilCost: $30When I get an oil change in the winter, I make sure to have 5W30 oil put in the car. Most shops do that as a standard in the winter, but it’s always good to check. (Also, be sure to double check your car manufacturer’s suggestions.) The 5W30 oil is thinner, so it makes for easier starts and more fluidity. This is important in the winter especially because the colder something is, the harder it gets – so keeping fresh oil in your car is a must.

The shop I go to usually fills all my fluids and checks the air in my tires, which is really important because the colder it gets, the more ..