“The One” Revealed: A Woman’s Hopeful and Helpful Guide in Knowing Who Her Husband Isby: Karolyne Roberts

This book thoroughly addresses many questions pertaining to the quest for “The One” and hearing God’s voice. One of your very own questions may be: “Did God really show me who my husband is?”, “Is there such thing as ‘The One’?”, “Did I marry the wrong person?” or “When will it finally be my time to get married and have children?”

Throughout this book, Karolyne dissects the desire to be mar..

Moviegoers nationwide to participate in “Captive: Night of Purpose” on September 17, 2015

One day prior to the theatrical release of the upcoming film “CAPTIVE,” moviegoers will gather in theaters for “Captive: Night of Purpose” to witness the life-changing story of Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols in the Paramount Pictures thriller. The event will take place on September 17 at 7:00 p.m. In more than 50 m..

A faith-based period drama with a modern-day purpose and explosive sports action is headed to theaters nationwide October 16, 2015.

WOODLAWN, is said to be an exhilarating high school football story about revival and reconciliation, offering hope for overcoming the racial crises facing America today.

The movie, an Erwin Brothers film produced by Kevin Downes, tells the true-life story of Ton..

“One Generation Away” is a fast-paced film that travels the United States (and Europe) in search of a deeper understanding of the religious freedom clauses in the Constitution’s First Amendment. From Hobby Lobby to the Mt. Soledad Cross in San Diego to wedding service providers in the Northwest, “One Generation Away” asks hard questions about the status of religious liberty in America toda..

The house in this picture is personal to me, although I've never met the owners and haven't been inside its walls. There isn't a need. What I've seen on the outside is enough to make it special… important… deeply symbolic. The picture above doesn't do it justice, mainly because it took me nearly a year to capture it on pixels, a span of time that erased most of the damage — most, but not all!
Yes, this house shares my story in many ways.

From what I've heard, th..