Have you ever felt like life is purposeless? Or that life is just weighing on you and you feel like there's no way out? You know the scriptures, you know that things are going to get better but at the same time, you're like why God? “I feel trapped in my own life.” Have you ever felt like, this test is too big and I don't see the way out. I don't know how God is going to deliver me from this one. If you're feeling this way, I can assure you that this battle has nothing t..

When the woman told me she'd heard round that there were rumblings — she said she was just going to do it.
She was just going to step out onto those fault lines, right where there were murmurings of things shifting and moving, right into whatever was being said.

She told me she was afraid.

Because who knew what they were talking about behind closed doors?

Who knew what they were saying about her, about things, about choices, about what was right and what was wrong and what should come next..

Today, nearly 500 years after the Protestant reformation, orthodox Protestants and Catholics are closer to each other than they perhaps have ever been. And this is as it should be. While they still have important differences about the primacy of Rome, the place of Mary, justification by faith, and the structure of the church, it is not uncommon on practical ethics issues for conservative Protestants and Catholics to be working alongside each other in the political trenches – and to view each other as allies in every possible sense of the term.

What has driven them closer together is the need for survival in the face of an aggressive and advancing secularism. Today faithful Christians of all kinds – Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox – are being urged by their secular counterparts to cast aside their antiquated beliefs about God and families, and instead to embrace new ideas about gender, marriage, human personhood, and God (i.e. God’s non-existence) that are more compatible with ‘conte..

Heartache is an interesting condition. It is usually associated with romance, when break ups lead to heartbreak. So what should we call a situation where you find yourself rooting so hard for someone else’s happiness, that their trials and tribulations make your heart ache?

Room is both harrowing and heroic. It places a heavy burden upon its characters and thanks to superb acting, writing and directing, transfers that weight to the audience. Emma Donoghue adapted her award-winning novel to what ..

Getting set up for the statewide Baby Shower! Me & My husband, Cornelius!

Whew! We've been super busy around here preparing for our 1st annual Pinky Promise statewide baby shower!! And, it finally happened on September 12, 2015!! I've been planning this thing in my head for a year and I started actually putting the Pinky Promise Dream Team in place and taking the steps towards the shower about a year ago.

It all started when I was pregnant with Logan in 2013. I had a pretty rough preg..