Filing a tax extension is simple. If you need extra time to work through your tax documents and just don’t think you’ll be able to finish your taxes by the April 18th tax deadline, you can file for an extension.

Once you file the tax extension form, you’ll have until October 17th 2016 to file your taxes (an extra 6 months). This doesn’t mean that you get an extra 6 months to pay your taxes. That’s why it’s so important to estimate you taxes owed and pay them before April 18, 2016. Otherwise, you might end up with penalties and interest to pay the IRS.

Oh and if you still need to file your taxes this year, you can file them for free (even state) here.

How to File a Tax Extension Form1. Estimate Your Taxes OwedYou’ll need to have an idea of how much you owe in taxes because you’ll need to send in the payment before April 18th. Gather all your tax documents and create a rough estimate of what you’ll owe.

2. Download and Complete the Tax Extension FormThe IRS requires you to download and c..

Rome, Italy – February 3, 2016: Joseph Fiennes attends RISEN photocall overlooking Vatican City.

“If I was to take anything away personally from making this film, it’s the concept of redemption and forgiveness and second chances. The second chance for Clavius resonates with me, and I think it might for a lot of people.” — Joseph Fiennes, who plays Roman Military Tribune Clavius in the new movie, Risen

What would it be like to be the Roman military official assigned to find the body of Jesus afte..

The Greatest Story Ever Told is also one of the most oft told cinematic tales. So how can filmmakers bring a fresh take to Jesus’ death and resurrection? Directors often succumb to the digital temptation of bigger, louder, faster in an effort to instill faith in their audiences. Unfortunately, relying on spectacle only builds fascination with the special effects.

Risen restores my faith in the Gospel film by doing the hard work of finding a new angle. It places us within the dramatic moment when..

A scene from the new movie, Risen, starring Joseph Fiennes.

There are films that are entertaining. There are films that are soul-stirring. And there are films that are faithful to the source material (when the source material is the Bible, this third category becomes an important one for many believers). It is rare to experience a film that checks one or two of these boxes, let alone all three. Risen, starring Joseph Fiennes and opening in theaters February 19, is a film that definitively inhabi..

Part Two of a Series: “God’s Zodiac: The Gospel in the Stars” The First Zodiac Sign: Virgo: The Virgin Whose Seed Saves The stars have remained in their places for thousands of years. Seiss explains that God connected star groupings with:

“symbols and ideas he wished to convey, and transmitting and explaining to his posterity those names and figures thus conjoined with the stars, he would link with his astronomy a whole system of thoughts and hopes as clear as the stars themselves, and utterly i..

Some of you may be reading this and thinking, “I wish my husband WOULD leave His job! He needs to be the provider over our family. He cannot just up and leave his job.”

Well, I agree with you.


Here's my story.

It was October 2010 and we had been married for about three months. My husband had a nice paying job and I had a great job working from home doing HR at a Hedge Accounting Firm that was located in New York. Life was good. We had the house, our own parking spot at church, the 2..

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square. This month we’re asking: Has Hollywood Become Our National Conscience? Read other perspectives here.

While some decry the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an exclusive club deserving an #OscarsSoWhite label, others see it pushing a liberal agenda through every ribbon displayed at the annual Academy Awards. Given the conservative nature of the economic decision-making in Hollywood, the truth resides somewhere in betwe..

This is the first in a 13- part series entitled, “God’s Zodiac: The Gospel in the Stars.”

What if everything you were ever taught or believed about astronomy, horoscopes, and the Zodiac were false? What if the original Zodiac was perverted, distorted, and changed to such an extent that no one knew its original meaning imprinted in the sky?

The daily horoscopes printed in newspapers, magazines, or online are actually perversions of the original horoscope God inscribed in the heavens when He creat..

The students I meet as a professor are idealistic and want to be world changers. They dream of deeds that will transform the world. Some of them do go on to great things. But many do not, and their lives are sidetracked by addictions, poor financial decisions, and failed relationships.

Where do they go wrong? In dreaming of epic lives, a lot of my students are forgetting the value of small-scale heroism. Many of them could in fact live epically if they focused on small things, rather than large. For instance, few could ever impact an American presidential election. The system is just too vast for individuals to make a difference. But a lot of them could change their city council. A lot of them could influence the kids on their neighborhood block. A lot of them, through introspection, could overcome their personal addictions. And a lot of them could bless their children, their spouses, and their friends and neighbors.

I love following the world news. I am often glued to the Washington P..

Nano, a 20-year-old Norwegian, says, “I was born in the wrong species.” Nano believes she is trapped in a human female body instead of a feline body. A woman who hisses at dogs, claims her night vision and sense of smell is better because she is really a cat. She even meows in “cat language.” The Daily Mail reports:
Sadly, such “lifestyle choices” are nothing more than disordered affections, in some cases mental disorders, which enable people to reject truth and condone wrong and delusional beha..