In my book Why ProLife? I say that every argument for abortion which appeals to a woman’s inconvenience, stress, and financial hardship can be made just as persuasively about her two-month-old, her two-year-old, her teenager, her husband, or her parents. In many cases older children are more expensive and place greater demands on their mother than an unborn child.

People immediately recognize those arguments as invalid when it comes to killing older children. So why not the unborn? After all, a ..

That’s the question raised by Ron Giese in the latest issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature: Ronald L. Giese Jr., “‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ as a Negative Image: Challenging the Common Interpretation of Proverbs 27:17,” JBL 135, no. 1 (Spring 2016): 61-76.

Here is a portion of the abstract:

Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens the face his neighbor,” is almost universally seen as positive. Some view this maxim as an example of “tough love,” others as a rewording of a vers..

An influential scientific discovery that was once celebrated as compelling evidence for evolution may require reinterpretation, according to a growing number of scientists and researchers.

In 2008, biologist Richard Lenski of Michigan State University jubilantly announced that he had witnessed a “major evolutionary innovation.” Lenski, as part of his Long-Term Experimental Evolution (LTEE) project, had been carefully observing the bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli) reproduce in a lab. Finally,..

Kenya (Mission Network News) — Do you have an extra Bible you’re not using? How about a Bible study or maybe a book on spiritual growth you’ve just finished.

That Bible, study and book are welcomed resources to thousands of people around the world. Here’s an opportunity to send your Bible or books as missionaries through Christian Resources International.

“We encourage people around the United States to send their Bibles and Christian boo..

This last December I began working on a document which responded to Hillary Clinton on the issue of abortion. It was given to the Rubio and Cruz campaigns hoping they would be able to use the information in debate during the general election. Unfortunately that will not be the case.

But, we didn’t want the information to go to waste so I’ve posted the link here from the Life Training Institute website. You can also find it at the bottom of the “Resource” page on the site.

A Response to Hillary..

One of the most common challenges to the Christian worldview is the problem of evil. In its common syllogistic form, the challenge can be reduced to this:

God created all things
Evil is a thing
Therefore God created evil.
This challenge is not new. In the 4th century, St. Augustine tackled it, as did St. Thomas Aquinas centuries later. What we call evil, they explained, is in fact a deprivation of the good and is therefore not really a “thing” at all. Like the hole in a donut, it describes what..

As a World War II soldier serving in France, Henry survived a devastating injury and imprisonment. Don’t miss this harrowing story of Henry’s escape from a POW camp and how a dying man’s last words spurred this American soldier to consider eternity. Discover how the power of prayer and a God who intervenes can impact your own journey.

Well, hi there, stranger! Welcome to my newish blog. It’s not really new, of course. Just remodeled—new address, new look, and as of today a new blog post. Because really, it’s about time.

While experts were tinkering away at the Watching God blog, I was off in Washington state, knocking around a couple of national parks with my wife. When you watch movies and television for a living, it’s nice to see the world without a filtering screen sometimes, and this was a fairly screen-free ..

Ukraine (Mission Network News) – It’s when all comfort is gone that we feel our greatest need for the Gospel. That’s why Military BibleSticks of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) are so important.

The Ukrainian military has been in conflict with separatists since 2014. FCBH says more than 9,000 people have died in the fighting so far.

The Associated Press says earlier this week, seven soldiers were killed and nine more people injured.

Ukraine hasn’t gone under the radar when it comes to getting t..

It is hard to imagine how he could make a bigger mess of his life. David slept with the wife of one of his officers. He first tried to hide his sin. When that did not work, he had her husband killed during a battle. David knew better. He was the King over God’s people. But I understand how it happened. So do you. We have all done things that we knew we should not do. We have tried to cover up our sin. And sometimes, we have involved others in our sin. We have hurt others.

But the story of David ..