Sadie Robertson (middle) will be hosting another 'Live Original Tour' this year together with her close friends and family.

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson cannot hide her excitement over the upcoming “Live Original Tour,” which she will host together with her brother John Luke, sister-in-law and best friend Mary Kate, as well as cousins Cole and Reed Robertson and his fiancée Brighton Thompson, among many others.

On her Instagram account (@legitsadiero..

Candace Cameron Bure admits it's not always easy juggling her busy schedule.

“Fuller House” star and “The View” host Candace Cameron Bure has a lot of responsibilities on her plate. Aside from being a dutiful Christian wife and mother to her family, she also has to juggle her myriad of work commitments and try to sneak in work-out sessions in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Despite all of her responsibilities, Bure always has a ready smile for her ado..

Pastor Greg Laurie does not agree with the beliefs of Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan, author of the book 'Good Christian Sex: Why Chastity Isn't the Only Option – And Other Things the Bible Says About Sex.'

Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan from the Union Church of Hinsdale in Illinois raised a lot of eyebrows after she promoted pre-marital sex in her new book “Good Christian Sex: Why Chastity Isn't the Only Option — And Other Things the Bible Says About Sex” in a..

In a conversation on the public sidewalk in front of the new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, the plumbing contractor tells Rev. Mahoney that he supports the KKK.

Below is a link to the video where he says, “I’m from the south. I like them.” He was referring to the KKK.

Faith and pro-life organizations are deeply troubled that an organization which gets hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers, would hire a racist who supports the KKK and has no sensitivity regarding racial equality o..

God's plans don't always make sense to people, but they will always be the best plans they can take in their lives.

This was underscored by world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham when a concerned Christian asked him what he should do as he goes to college since he does not have a clue what to make of his future career.

Writing in his advice column for The Kansas City Star, Graham advised the reader to always seek God's will. “The most important advice I can give you i..

For years I’ve been telling you about the “HHS mandate” that tries to force us, and other employers, to include coverage for abortion-inducing drugs in the health insurance plans we offer our employees. We have said “No!”, will continue to say “No!” and have brought this challenge all the way to the Supreme Court (see

After nearly five years of legal battles, the Supreme Court earlier this year told us and the government that we should sit down and work things out, as it..

In this abortion battle, where pro-life people are often beleaguered from all the negative news, here’s a story of hope from Ed Sitter, the Executive Director
of the Foundation for Life in Toledo, Ohio. Sitter reports on the demolishing of a local abortion clinic, closed years ago, which will be replaced by a memorial to the unborn.

Here’s more from Ed:

In case you haven’t heard, the Center For Choice is being demolished!!!

There is still time to see some of the demolition take place. The old..

In response to a deluge of murders in the Philippines, Manila Catholic Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle recently reminded Catholics that they should mourn the innocent lives lost to abortion, too.

Asian Journal reports a staggering 1,800-plus drug-related killings have taken place since the end of June in the island nation. Tagle told Radio Veritas on Sunday that Filipinos are right to call for justice in response to the massive number of drug-related deaths, but they should not forget ab..

A 22-year-old Florida woman gave her stepfather a birthday gift that he will never forget on July 31.

On David Lynde’s 53rd birthday, his stepdaughter Gabriella Guardado presented him with adoption papers and asked him to adopt her. The family captured the special moment on video and posted it online, drawing the attention of tens of thousands of viewers.

The Daily Mail reports David plans to officially adopt Gabriella on Friday, Sept. 1 at their local courthouse. When it’s official, Gabriella..


World-renowned evangelist Billy Graham thinks it's sad that public schools in America have banned prayers and other biblical practices. Nonetheless, he believes there are still several other ways students can communicate with God while in school.

“I have no way of knowing if we will ever return to the patterns of the past … When I was young, we used to pray and read the Bible in school every day, but my grandchildren aren't able to experience this, and it upsets me a great ..