The reality is that many of our expectations will turn into disappointments. To rely on our expectations fully for satisfaction, security and purpose is a dangerous foundation to build on, but to find all these things in Christ will assure us that even when our expectations are not met, God is working behind the scenes to pull things together for us.

We often come across unmet expectations at work, in our marriages, with purchases that we make or even with ourselves. The question is ne..


My family and I were invited to a company's family day as guests because one of the directors was a good friend of ours. It was a great occasion with lots of fun games and activities. The only catch was that the lines to the activities were quite long. Just getting our daughter into the inflatable playground was a fifteen-minute wait.

I couldn't help but notice how many parents desperately tried to cut the line. Some failed while some succeeded. I admit that it seemed like a g..

On January 22, 2012, a former clinic worker named Clarissa gave her testimony before a church congregation. Her speech appears on YouTube.

Clarissa became involved in abortion work almost by accident. She explains:

“I was just finishing my medical assisting courses and my internship was at a women’s health center. I was going to be taking vital signs, answering phones, checking patients in and drawing blood. I showed up to work and I was shocked to find out they did abortions there.

“When I a..

Less than a year after the Obama Administration loosened FDA recommendations on the abortion drug RU-486, a new report found more women are using the method to abort their unborn babies.

In April, the FDA expanded its recommendations for RU-486 by allowing it to be administered up until 10 weeks of pregnancy instead of seven, and allowing smaller doses to be used. These measures save abortion businesses money but put unsuspecting women in greater danger of complications.

Reuters recently revie..

Over the last few years I have grown increasingly alarmed at the push within euthanasia circles not just to legalize assisted suicide, but also to force dissenting doctors and medical institutions to be complicit in the killing, a phenomenon I have branded “medical martyrdom.”

We see that now in Switzerland where a Christian nursing home has been threatened with loss of charitable tax status if administrators refuse to permit assisted suicide on premises.

From the CP World story:

A Christian ..

The Department of Health announced on Saturday that it has approved Non Invasive Pre-Natal Testing for use on the National Health Service which campaigners say will increase the number of abortions for babies with Down syndrome, and have a devastating impact on the Down syndrome community.

[According to the Daily Mail, the decision “follows a controversial consultation in which the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggested ‘cost-effectiveness’ of caring for people with Down’s ..

In a new video, Bishop E.W. Jackson (photo) points out that Christians who understand that it would be a sin to vote for Hillary Clinton, cannot allow misgivings about Donald Trump cause them to sit out this election. He is urging them to vote for Trump.

Says Jackson, “Christians cannot allow someone to become President who thinks of them as ‘deplorable’ and ‘irredeemable.’ Hillary and her comrades despise Bible believing Christians and slanderously label us ‘haters’ and ‘bigots’ who deserve to..

Editors’ note: Come celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with us at our 2017 National Conference, April 3 to 5 in Indianapolis. The conference theme is “No Other Gospel: Reformation 500 and Beyond.” Space is filling up fast, so register now. Prices increase after Reformation Day (October 31).

On June 15, 1520, Pope Leo X issued the papal bull Exurge Domine (“Arise, O Lord”), censuring 41 of Luther’s 95 theses and threatening him with excommunication. In the bull, Leo called Luther..

Christianity probably shouldn’t exist. Not only did the fledgling faith erect large obstacles to conversion, such as strict moral requirements and secretive, exclusive worship services. Roman society also despised Christians and sometimes put them to death. No modern church growth consultant would’ve predicted an exciting future for the ancient church.

Yet grow it did—a surprising turn of events that has captured the imagination of Alan Kreider in his new book, The Patient Ferment of the Early ..

It was nearly four years ago when it happened. Four years ago when my firstborn was rushed into the world and whisked off to Neonatal Intensive Care. Four years ago when I heard the words, “Don’t get your hopes up; 24-week babies don’t stay around long.” Four years ago when I stood over the incubator of a one-pound baby and asked, Do I really want this job after all?

I had always longed to lead a life of significance, beginning in the fifth grade, when I set my sights on the U.S. presidency. I ..