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3 practical ways to keep Jesus as your role model


We’re all sure we know what Jesus wants us do as His followers. Or, at least, we think we are. But in the everyday experiences, we can lose sight of His influence on us.

How can we make sure that Christ is a constant source of instruction in our daily lives? How can we make our default response to situations that test our faith or force us to choose between what’s Christ-like and what’s unrighteous “What would Jesus do?” instead of “What best benefits me?” Here are three practical tips that provide us with some answers.

Pick a Christ-like characteristic to perform each day, week, or month
There are so many aspects of Christ’s character that we can emulate, but sometimes just loving our neighbors, not to mention our enemies, can be a battle. We shouldn’t bargain with God to try to lower His expectations of us by promising that we’ll pray, fast, and be generous with our cash in exchange for not loving those who wish us harm. However, if we’re failing to live in a way that bears any resemblance to the principles of our faith, or faltering with a few aspects, it can help to single one out to devote ourselves to. A lot of the things Jesus calls us to do are intertwined, so once we really grasp what it means to love our neighbor, forgiving them should follow suit. Maybe this week you’ll choose to actively work on forgiving those you haven’t yet, or maybe you’ll devote next month to saving for a donation to those going hungry.

Get practical with your prayers
Praying is in itself a way of emulating Jesus. He was no stranger to displaying his spirituality in this way while He was here on earth. Prayer can help you to push through and maintain your focus. In some ways, it’s like a pep talk with God. Following in Jesus’ footsteps isn’t always easy. It really can help to talk to God about what you’re struggling with and to listen to where He wants you to go next. We don’t have Jesus physically here with us as His followers did all those years ago, but we do have the Holy Spirit as our guide. The next time you pray, why not call on the Holy Spirit to assist you to live like Christ?

Surround yourself with a spiritual squad
Jesus had his disciples and, more significantly, they had Him. He wasn’t just their savior, He was also their teacher and friend. Are your friends a source of spiritual support or are they steering you away from become more like Christ? If Jesus is a constant model for how we behave, then we shouldn’t ignore this element of His lifestyle. Everyone in your network doesn’t need to be a believer, but they should be in some way or another helping you to serve God. For example, a Christian friend may help by holding you accountable, a non-believing family member can give you the opportunity to teach them about Jesus, and a work colleague with a weak faith can provide you with the chance to be compassionate and understanding.

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