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Jessa Duggar’s husband Ben Seewald says God’s grace can turn ‘violent thugs into gentle evangelists’

(Instagram/Ben Seewald) Ben Seewald says, ‘If sin is the problem with the world, the gospel is the answer.’

It’s hard focus on God’s grace when you’re a struggling single mother, or a juvenile in detention with only a broken home to return to, or a problematic parent whose children are hooked on drugs.

However, Jessa Duggar’s husband Ben Seewald from “Jill and Jessa: Counting On” says people should not underestimate God’s ability to change lives.

“He works from start to finish to save people from sin, heal hurts, and restore brokenness. If sin is the problem with the world, the gospel is the answer,” Seewald writes on their family blog. “Only the saving, converting, sovereign grace of God will turn sinners into saints. The more sinners are transformed by this grace, the less violence, pain, and brokenness we will have in the world.”

God’s grace is free and powerful, adds Seewald. No matter what kind of sin towers over people’s lives, God’s grace through faith will definitely stand taller.

“This grace turns violent thugs into gentle evangelists. This grace turns prostitutes into godly wives. This grace can take a murderous man like Saul of Tarsus, who persecuted the early Christians to death, into the apostle Paul, who gave His life for Christ and for others to see His glory and be saved,” says Seewald.

So no matter what sin people are struggling with today, Seewald urges them to come to Jesus because He will never reject them. The young father says God has transformed countless individuals, and He is eager to do more.

“Come as you are. Bring your sins to Jesus, and let Him wash you clean in His cleansing blood,” he says. “You will be one less individual contributing to the brokenness of the world, and one more bringing the hope and healing of Jesus to broken, suffering, and dying people.”

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