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Manny Pacquiao shares sweet and simple prayer for his 2-year-old son Israel

(Instagram/Manny Pacquiao) Manny Pacquiao hopes his son Israel would grow up to love the Word of God.

Filipino boxing champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao did not grow up a Christian, but after he found salvation through Jesus Christ, there was no going back to his sinful ways and he turned his life over for the better.

Pacquiao does not want his youngest son Israel to commit the same mistakes he did, so he offered a simple prayer asking God to direct his son towards the right path.

On his Instagram account (@mannypacquiao), the retired Christian boxer posted a photo of his son reading the Bible and captioned it, “Lord, my wife and I pray that our son will grow up to love the Word of God and obey your commandments.”

Pacquiao is also grateful that he has the chance to worship God every Sunday with his family, and he even considers it “my favorite time of the week.”

Meanwhile, Pacquiao has eased into his new position as senator with gusto, although controversially he is supporting the plans of President Rodrigo Duterte to re-establish the death penalty.

Pacquiao says he believes it to be more “humane” to hang criminals even though some people might consider that method of execution as barbaric or cruel, according to GMA News.

Explaining his views, Pacquiao has previously said crimes should not be covered up and that every person who commits it – even those in high government positions – should face the consequences of their crimes. Pacquiao also contends that the Bible does not say anything about the death penalty being “unlawful.”

However, Pacquiao thinks the death penalty should only be imposed on those who commit heinous crimes such as rape with murder, drug trafficking, kidnap for ransom, and robbery with murder.

The eight-time world boxing champion is known for his controversial remarks. Prior to his support for the death penalty by hanging, Pacquiao upset the LGBT community when he said gay couples were “worse than animals.”

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