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‘Increasingly Aggressive’ Atheists Target Children in New Evolution-Promoting Book

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An evolution-propagandizing illustrated children’s book is drawing praise from the secular community and currently ranks as a best seller on

“Annabelle & Aiden: The Story Of Life” is a 26-page children’s book that was published last month. Advertised as an “inspirational storybook” that will help kids “gain a basic understanding of evolution,” the book walks readers through the history of life according to Charles Darwin.

Featuring a “wise owl” who describes evolution to two young girls named Annabelle and Aiden, the book proselytizes evolution using rhyming text and whimsical illustrations.

“Why do we look the way that we do? With hands and feet in neat sets of two?” asks Anabelle in the book’s opening pages. “What made my eyes? And what made my nose? And the shape of my body from my head to my toes?”

In response to Anabelle’s questions, the owl describes the evolutionary theory of life’s origins, beginning with a lifeless blob millions of years ago.

“In a little corner, on a tiny blue dot, deep under the ocean, in a very special spot…An itty bitty thing woke up anew, and came alive. I tell you, it’s true!” the owl says.

“But to share this world, it needed a friend,” the owl continues. “So it pushed and it pushed and it managed to create a perfect copy of itself: a new friend and mate.”

The owl goes on to say that “slight random changes” created all the species of life in the world today, including humans.

“Every living thing, people from every single race, their dogs, cats, and flowers, came from the same exact place,” the owl asserts. “A young boy in Africa, the grass, bugs and bees, your teacher’s pet parrot who speaks Cantonese. We are all related.”

In addition to the dialogue between the owl and the girls, pro-evolution statements are interspersed throughout the book.

“Every animal, every single form of life, all share a common ancestor,” one page in the book says.

“If you go back far enough, people, like most mammals, evolved from fish,” another page claims.

A few well-known evolutionists, including Bill Nye and Lawrence Krauss, have praised “Annabelle & Aiden” for its potential to convince young readers of evolution’s validity. Last week the book was recognized on as the #1 best seller in the children’s prehistoric books category.

The book’s author, J.R. Becker, believes evolution is an “established fact” that should be taught to children from a young age.

“I simply see myself as doing absolutely nothing more than delivering facts to children,” Becker said in a recent interview with “If there’s ‘controversy’ about that, well, I try to ignore that noise.”

As previously reported, evolutionists are increasingly targeting young children in their campaign to spread Darwinian mantra. Last year, an evolution-promoting author published a children’s book titled “Grandmother Fish” that tells preschoolers they are the byproducts of evolution and the descendants of fish.

“Yes, secularists know where the battle is in this culture: it’s for the hearts and minds of the next generation. And they are growing increasingly aggressive in trying to capture the next generation—starting from a younger and younger age,” wrote Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham in a review of “Grandmother Fish.” “That’s why parents and church leaders need to be active in discipling the next generation to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning.”

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