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Addressing Our Ancestors (Dec 4th)


When the unbelievers got cantankerous and started bickering with each other, Paul interrupted: "I have just one more thing to say to you. The Holy Spirit sure knew what he was talking about when he addressed our ancestors through Isaiah the prophet…"

Acts 28:25 msg


Paul had traveled all over the world and shared the message of Jesus. He is now under house arrest in Rome, awaiting a trial, and receiving guests. To his utter amazement — and I'm sure some consternation — his guests on this day bicker about the story of Jesus. They won't accept the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as proof that he is God's Messiah and their Savior. The fussing and bickering that ensues reminds Paul that the Holy Spirit had foretold these things through Isaiah the prophet. The Spirit is God making his truth known in prophesy, Scripture, interpretation, and insight. This Holy Presence of God within us — God revealing truth to us — is truly a gift.


Almighty God, I thank you for you as Jesus my Savior. I thank you for you as my Abba Father. I thank you for you as the Holy Spirit who has revealed you and made your words known over the centuries. I thank you in Jesus' name. Amen.

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