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Pure Hearts – Matthew 5:8

Key Passage

"What great blessings there are for the people that are pure in their thinking! They will be with God."

— Matthew 5:8 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

"Purer in heart, O God, help me to be …" That's the powerful line of Fannie Davison's old hymn. This is also an amazingly pervasive theme in Scripture, whether articulated by the prophets, the psalmists, the wisdom teachers, Jesus, or the apostles. A clean heart is the signal of God's coming new age and is mandatory for true, authentic worship.Much of human life is tainted by duplicity and deception. Pure motives and an unspoiled heart are of utmost importance if we are to live the life of the Kingdom Family. For those who are pure in heart, going to be with God is not a far journey, for they have sought to live with him everyday. It is simply the fulfillment of an ongoing passion to keep their hearts close to the Father's home.


O gracious and holy LORD, I know my heart can be deceptive and self-serving. But through your Holy Spirit, cleanse my heart, make your home there, and let your influence live there until I come home to be with you. I want my life to show forth my allegiance to you, so help me as I seek to guard my heart from impurity, duplicity, and selfishness. Help me, O God, as I try to be pure in heart. Thank you, in the name of Jesus, your pure and perfect sacrifice. Amen.

Related Scriptures

God, create a pure heart in me! Make my spirit strong again!
Psalm 51:10

Who can go up the Lord's mountain? Who can stand {and worship} in the Lord's holy {temple}? People who have not done evil things, people who have pure hearts, people who have not used my name to make lies sound like the truth, and people who have not lied and made false promises. {Only those people can worship there.}
Psalm 24:3-4

Can any person really say that he has always done his best? Can any person really say that he has no sin? {No!}
Proverbs 20:9

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