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Men With Scabies Arrested After Committing Homosexual Sex Act on Display Bed at Bed Bath & Beyond

tlg-christian-news-law-government-men-with-scabies-arrested-after-committing-homosexual-sex-act-on-display-bed-at-bed-bath-amp-beyond( – Two men were arrested and charged with engaging in lewd behavior on a display bed at Bed Bath & Beyond during regular business hours.

Police officers responded to the Route 3 Riverfront shopping center at 5 p.m. Monday on a report from a witness that two men were engaged in a sex act, records show.

Police arrested two 28-year-old men, one from Nutley and the other from North Carolina. Both were charged with lewdness, criminal mischief and possession of marijuana, according to police records. The Nutley suspect was also charged with having an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

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