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Woman Who Wants to Be Man Has Eggs Frozen Before Hormone Therapy: ‘I’m Meant to Be a Father’

tlg-christian-news-life-society-woman-who-wants-to-be-man-has-eggs-frozen-before-hormone-therapy-im-meant-to-be-a-father-tlg-christian-newslife-ampamp-societywoman-who-wants-to-be-man-has-eggs-frozen-before-hormone-therapy-im-meant-to-be-a-fatherrenee-compressed-1LOS ANGELES — A refugee woman who wants to transition to a man recently had her eggs frozen prior to beginning hormonal therapy treatments as she plans on converting to a male, marrying a woman someday and having the woman carry her preserved eggs.

“I need to do this to be happy,” the woman, who only been identified with the name “Renee” (not her real name), told CBSLA.

She moved to the United States six months ago in her quest to become a man, but is aware that in taking hormonal treatments, she may never be able to carry children for the rest of her life.

Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, her doctor at the Fertility Institutes of Encino, told the outlet that once a woman begins taking male hormones, her ovaries shut down and eggs are no longer produced.

“We know that Renee wants to become a father,” he said. “Having eggs frozen is certainly the only way he will have a genetic link to the baby.”

As women generally only produce one egg per month, the woman needed to take large dosages of female hormones for several weeks, which told her ovaries to produce numerous eggs—in her case 27 in total. The eggs were then collected and frozen until the woman finds a female partner who will carry her child.

“I just can’t imagine myself carrying a baby, feeding a baby as a female,” she said, referring to carrying a child in her womb and breastfeeding the infant. “I’ve thought about this. It’s extremely hard for me.”

“I know who I am. I am meant to be a father, be a dad,” the woman asserted.

She is now taking testosterone treatments and plans on undergoing a sex change operation in the near future.

The woman’s story, however, is not the first of its kind. Last year, Cole Carman, 18, similarly had her eggs frozen so she could still have a genetic link to her children after seeking treatment to convert to a man.

“I have always wanted kids,” she told NBC Bay Area. “I like kids, so I wanted to do it so I could have my own biological kids when I get older. Eight to 10 years from now, I want them to be related to me.”

Carman then proceeded with testosterone treatments and a mastectomy, and is planning other treatments in the future.

U.K. teen Rebecca Middlemore, 16, who goes by the name Riley, likewise had her eggs frozen last year after coming out to her family as both transgender and homosexual.

“My partner would be the surrogate and carry my eggs,” she said. “That way I can have children that are biologically mine with my partner.”

As previously reported, not all believe that such treatments are the answer to gender dysphoria. Walt Heyer, a 75-year-old man who obtained a sex change operation in the 1980’s to live as a woman for eight years before reverting back to his biological gender, now leads a ministry in which he shares his story with the world of how Christ redeemed his life and gave him hope.

“Nobody’s ever born a transgender,” he told the Daily Mail last January. “They’re manufactured as a result of something, a developmental childhood issue that has yet to be determined for many people.”

“All of them have some level of depression, and we’re not treating them,” Heyer lamented. “We’re just cutting off body parts and giving them a new name and a new gender.”

“God designed man; He designed women,” he also said in a video recorded last year. “God will redeem the lives of people who struggle with gender identity issues just like I did. He redeemed my life, and I’ve been free from it as a result of that.”

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tlg-christian-news-life-society-woman-who-wants-to-be-man-has-eggs-frozen-before-hormone-therapy-im-meant-to-be-a-father-tlg-christian-newslife-ampamp-societywoman-who-wants-to-be-man-has-eggs-frozen-before-hormone-therapy-im-meant-to-be-a-fathermarcavage-e1431215070466-82Dear Reader, our hearts are deeply grieved by the ongoing devastation in Iraq, and through this we have been compelled to take a stand at the gates of hell against the enemy who came to kill and destroy. Bibles for Iraq is a project to put Arabic and Kurdish audio Bibles into the hands of Iraqi and Syrian refugees—many of whom are illiterate and who have never heard the gospel.Will you stand with us and make a donation today to this important effort? Please click here to send a Bible to a refugee >>


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