Home For Christmas by Jeanette Thulin Claesson


Earlier this year, a congregation member mentioned to our senior pastor during worship that he thought we should record a Christmas album. Our Pastor then announced it to the whole church that same day. I was sitting on the front row, and immediately when our Pastor said it, something clicked in my heart and I knew this was something we needed to do. We put all the right people in place, hired a producer, reached out to our musician friends around the globe, and the ball started rolling.

I had the privilege of being able to involve my family, The Thulin Family, and got to make several trips this year to Nashville and Minnesota, where the album was recorded. Our producer David Thulin, who is also my brother, put his heart and soul into the project and was able to connect us with some key people to make this CD what it is today. What is so cool about this whole thing is that we are just a local church in Northern California, with a pastor who believes in our Worship Arts Ministry, and everyone really came together to make a beautiful recording of classic Christmas songs, as well as new.

The Harvest Church Choir is featured on half of the album, and we wrote a song for our children’s choir, Ordained Praise, who with over 80 voices bring amazing energy to their song, Christmas Time Is Here. Our church is so supportive, they love to worship and I’m so honored to be their worship leader. They have truly become our family away from home.

01. Merry Medley
02. Joy to the World
03. Christmas Time is Here
04. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
05. Home
06. Nothing Like
07. Silent Night (Feat the Thulin Family)
08. Who Would Imagine A King & Glory
09. O Holy Night
10. Oh Hallelujah

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