​Wavorly Offers Rumored Reunion in Exchange for Facebook Likes


When Wavorly bass player Matt Lott posted a nostalgic picture on facebook, his band members quickly escalated it into a promised reunion if the picture got the right amount of likes– a threshold the band is quickly approaching.

Matt’s original post said simply “Sometimes I really miss those Wavorly days…#wavorlyRIP.” When his bandmates saw it, they shared it to the official Wavorly page, saying “So our bass player Matt says that if 1000 people like his status, he’ll try to get the band back together. What do you guys and gals think? Time for a reunion? Next year will be the 10th anniversary of Conquering the Fear of Flight.”

As what began as a joke inside the band quickly escalated as the likes climbed, Matt Lott held a live broadcast on his facebook page explaining the sequence of events. Although at this[…]

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