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A Look at Notable 2016 Publications

TEDS President offers his list of best books


“There is no end to the making of many books,” says the author of Ecclesiastes. In the United States alone, there were close to one million titles published during the past year, with revenue approaching $1.8 billion. Hundreds of titles competed for our attention during 2016.

I offer the following observations with the recognition that I have no doubt missed several important works that some of you would have included in such a survey. The books noted in this article are those that I think are worth noting, particularly for those who pay attention to the GCL website.

Books make a difference for all of us. They shape our thinking, inform our perspective, expand our understanding, illuminate our world and our context, influence the way we encounter ideas, and touch our hearts.

A New Start for a New Year

As we conclude one year and turn the page to another, we recognize that many are looking for guidance in order to begin 2017 with a new focus. In that regard, I heartily recommend the new work by Josh Moody, 7 Days to Change Your Life: Find Focus through Intentional Living (Abingdon). Inviting readers to new commitments and a fresh understanding of what it means to follow Jesus Christ, Moody presents a beautiful tapestry around the themes of hope, life, truth, freedom, humility, greatness, and glory. Readers will be blessed as they work their way through this extremely helpful volume.

Other books to be considered for helping to refocus our thoughts for the new year include: Jen Wilkin’s work, None Like Him: 10 Ways God is Different from Us (and Why That’s a Good Thing)(Crossway) along with the creative publication by Biola professor Thaddeus Williams, Reflect: Becoming Yourself by Mirroring the Greatest Person …

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