Four Consistent Conversations We Must Have with Ourselves

As it turns out, talking to ourselves may not be so crazy.


Here’s a confession for you. I talk to myself. A lot. Yes, I do mean out loud. I have regular conversations with myself: at work, at home, in the car … everywhere! Sometimes my family overhears me and it solidifies their belief that I’m just a little bit crazy. Do you ever talk to yourself? Some experts say that the smartest people talk to themselves. If that is the case, I must be brilliant! How about you? As it turns out, talking to ourselves may not be so crazy. In fact, I would actually suggest that all of us need to have consistent conversations with ourselves regarding certain areas of our lives.

As we prepare for the New Year, there are things we need to be thinking about and conversations we need to be having. Self-assessment, self-awareness, and repentance are all necessary in becoming who God wants us to be. Some of the most important conversations we can have are with ourselves. These conversations allow God to examine our hearts, motives, and actions. Here are four consistent conversations we need to have with ourselves:

“Me” Conversations

The most difficult person I will ever lead is myself. These days few of us slow down long enough to ask ourselves: “How am I doing? Really? Am I healthy? Am I disciplined? Am I focused? Am I learning? Am I growing? Am I at peace? Am I closer to God than I was a year ago?” I should not feel guilty about planning time to work on me. I actually need to lead myself first. I must be relentless about blocking off time to work on my own personal spiritual, leadership, and even physical growth and health.

“Them” Conversations

Everyone needs a “Them.” We need others and we need close, intimate relationships with other people …

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