Man in horrific crash sees vision of God in ‘glowing chariot’ flying through the air, lifting and saving him


Michael Fogarty was already clinically dead when rescuers came to pry him loose from his car after a horrific road accident in Cumberland, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

A head-on collision with another vehicle cracked his skull, punctured his frontal lobe, blinded his eye and detached his spine from his skull among many other terrible injuries he suffered.

But Fogarty is able to relate all the details that happened that fateful night because he is alive to tell all about the tragedy and his remarkable encounter with God who, he says, took him in His “glowing chariot” into safety, according to God Reports.

“I was dead at the scene, so they didn’t worry about me losing blood or hurting me,” he recounts. “They cut off the back door and my seat to get to me because I was so pinned.”

Although his heart stopped beating, paramedics were able to revive Fogarty at the scene, stabilise him, and transport him to the hospital.

Fogarty went into a coma upon arriving at the hospital. It was during this time—two-and-a-half days in coma, according to the doctors—that Fogarty had an amazing encounter with God that changed his life.

“I saw an old fashioned chariot being pulled by horses. It was so bright you couldn’t tell what was pulling it. It was glowing from the inside of the cart,” he says.

“The next thing I know everything was bright and golden and yellowish as could be. Then I was whisked away by God. I felt his comfort and warmth,” he says.

Fogarty says as they were flying through the air, a voice, presumably God’s, told him, “This is what you’ll be leaving behind.”

Then he saw the place where he works, his girlfriend’s house, their friends, his parents’ house and even tiny details like the three parking spots in front of the garage where they parked and the 18 inches of fresh snow in his empty parking spot.

Then he awoke from his coma and heard the doctors telling his parents that if their son survived he would probably be paralysed from the neck down, definitely from the waist down, and that he would most likely live in a vegetative state.

But Fogarty shocked everyone when “by the grace of God I walked out of that hospital” 13 days later.

His mother picked him up and drove him home. He then noticed four inches of snow in his empty parking spot.

“Mom, when did it snow?” he asked.

“It snowed the night of your accident…It snowed 18 inches the night of your accident,” she answered.

Forgarty believes that small detail, which he saw in his vision, was God’s confirmation that his encounter with Him was real.

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