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After years of dreaming and two ETS brainstorm meetings, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the Center for Baptist Renewal (CBR)!
CBR is a group of conservative, evangelical Baptists committed to a retrieval of the Great Tradition of the historic church for the renewal of Baptist faith and practice. Our mission is to equip leaders to appropriate perspectives and practices of the historic church within the context of their local congregations. This will begin with a we..

Maryland pro-lifers are rejoicing that the latest attempt to pass a Physician-Assisted Suicide law (PAS) has failed, the third time such proposed legislation has been rejected in as many years.

The victory came despite early rumors from PAS supporters and the media that PAS would pass this year in Maryland.

State Sen. Guy Guzzone,(D-Howard County), the Senate’s lead sponsor, withdrew the legislation and canceled scheduled hearings. In the House, state Delegate Shane Pendergrass (D-Howard Count..

First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her family are quite possibly the highest-profile Modern Orthodox Jews in American history. Ivanka, who converted in 2009, has spoken about how her family observes the Sabbath, keeps kosher, and celebrates various Jewish holidays together. And now, for some reason, the media has taken it upon itself to become the “kosher police.”

Take, for instance, this gem from the Washingtonian, where the writer took the mind-boggling step of phoning a chef to inquire about wh..

Amid heightened attention to the plight of refugees in the U.S., Catholic Archbishop William Lori exposed yet another threat to the support available to refugees – abortion advocacy.

In a column for The Hill, Lori said the Catholic Church in America has been helping refugees through its Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) program for many years. But because the program receives government funding, it is under attack by abortion activists.

Lori, the Catholic archbishop of Baltimore, wrote:


This week, it was announced that Family Christian Stores — one of the world’s largest Christian retailers — will close all 240 of its stores. This isn’t really shocking; Family Christian had gone through bankruptcy a few years back. But it will have an impact; more than 3,000 employees are going to lose their jobs as the stores shutter and Christian culture loses one of its largest and most diverse suppliers of books, music and trinkets.
Granted, this is just the nature of the beast these days. ..

Virginia’s two Catholic bishops did not waste any time expressing their disapproval of Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday after he vetoed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

Virginia Bishops Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond and Michael Burbidge of Arlington issued a statement soon after McAuliffe vetoed the legislation, criticizing the governor for supporting the abortion business, Angelus reports.

“Surrounded by Planned Parenthood supporters at a veto ceremony outside the Governor’s Mansion this m..

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens spoke out against the new St. Louis “abortion sanctuary city” ordinance over the weekend, saying it does not reflect the state’s values.

“We need to send a clear message: the people of Missouri do not support Abortion Sanctuary Cities,” Greitens wrote Saturday on Facebook. “We will fight for the vulnerable to get the support they need in tough times—we will proudly stand up for life.”

Supporters of St. Louis City Board Bill 203 say the measure protects women from di..

This article is a follow-up to “Planned Parenthood Kills 323,999 Babies in Abortions, Provides Only 17,419 Moms Prenatal Care.”

Another video features Dr. Sierra Washington, identified as a “pregnant provider” in her seventh month, who says that “I love taking care of patients. I mean that’s why I’m a doctor.”

At Planned Parenthood’s Pacific Southwest affiliate (PPPSW) “taking care of patients” includes abortion, contraceptives, and hysterectomies, but not birthing or prenatal care. With clini..