During my twenties, I was a bridesmaid in several weddings. Unfortunately, most of those couples are now divorced. It will come as no surprise to you that each of them stated they were unhappy and they were getting a divorce in order to find happiness. After all, happiness is the American birthright, right?

The United States Declaration of Independence says, in part, the following:We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with..

**(Before we start reading, I was actually writing a chapter in my new book, “The Runaway Bride” and I titled the chapter “The Insecure Bride.” I felt led by the Lord to share a snippet of the chapter with you. Note that this isn't the entire chapter, but you can find the rest of it on June 5, 2015 on this site when it goes live! :))**

One of satans biggest weapons is doubt. Satan loves for us to question who we are and how we measure up to others (Ephesians 2:1-2; Ephesians 6:12; 1 Samuel ..

I know that its hard to trust God at times. I know that you have your good days and then you have some really rough days where you're like.. Lord, how long before.. this or that?I've learned that I can't focus on “this or that” or what I think I'm lacking. My focus must be on the Lord alone because if I ain't content with just Him, then He won't bring things into my life so that I can make those things my idols. Philippians 4:11-13 New Living Translation (NLT) Not t..

This area has just been heavy on my heart so I wanted to remind those of you who are going through some hard times that God has not forgotten about you.

Yes, you.

In the world of social media, technology and TV, it's so easy to glamorize what everybody else is doing while thinking, Lord, have you forgotten about me? Have you abandoned me?

No, God hasn't abandoned you. But, He is disciplining you. And you have a choice. You can either press through this test and mature in your walk wit..

So, if you're in a season where you feel super sluggish, kinda lazy and you feel like doing nothing, I can relate. Being now 18 weeks pregnant, I have had my days where I only want to lay in the bed for the entire day. But even before I was pregnant, I had my seasons where I struggled in this area. It's almost like, it's on my checklist to take care of this but I just got too busy throughout the day to get to it or by the time I got home, I had zero energy to accomplish that task…

Our small group is doing a Bible study on Hebrews and this week was Hebrews 11, the faith chapter. Most people turn to this chapter when they’re looking for bible verse about faith. Just the first verse in Hebrews chapter 11 gives us a great definition to help us understand the answer to the question, what is faith?

Now faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. – Hebrews 11:1

Bible Study on Hebrews Chapter 11: The Faith ChapterThere are quite a few Bible verses about faith – just take a look at the 50+ listed below! But if you only had time to read just one chapter in the Bible and you wanted to focus on scriptures about faith, Hebrews chapter 11 is the place to turn.

Here’s a few points from Hebrews 11 that we discussed in our small group:

Godly legacies come by faith (Heb. 11:4)Pleasing God comes by faith (Heb. 11:6)Righteousness comes by faith (Heb. 11:7)Our inheritance comes by faith (Heb. 11:8-10)Our worship comes by faith (Heb. 11:21)Resurrectio..

Actor/reality star Stephen Baldwin scored a $110,000 book advance to write a book entitled Ready to Get Dangerous? The book was supposed to be a memoir about Stephen’s life with a heavy dose of Christianity. A press release described the book, which was sold in 2007, as “what it means to live everyday as ‘a sold out, hardcore, nothing held back Jesus freak.'”

However, Stephen has not actually written the book, which puts him in violation of his contract. His publisher, Hachette, is now suin..