BOOK PUBLISHING WEBINAR”HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR BOOK IN 90 DAYS”So, I am super excited to announce our book I have exciting news!! On a regular basis, people ask me how we are able to write so many books and the process of publishing a book. So, my husband and I decided to do another book webinar on “How to Publish a Book in 90 Days!” You can click on the link HERE to get more info. It's on Monday, December 19th at 9pm and it will be recorded!
AND, during the webinar, we are going to make a ver..

Who doesn't want to travel the world for almost free?? Let's be honest, I travel ALOT. Because I travel so much for ministry, I wanted to make sure that our family trips were affordable, comfortable and STILL be a good steward over our finances.

Black sand beaches in Maui!

So, my first blog, How to Travel the World for Free, was a complete success! But, since then, I have found more tips to share with you. So, I will be sharing some oldies, but a lot of new stuff!

If you don't kno..

What is a collector? A collector is a man or a woman that collects people and keeps them around that they aren't 100% sold on. They do this because they like certain aspects about you, but it's not enough to full commit to you. So, they collect relationships in their phone and they reach out just enough to keep you hanging on a string. When you begin to complain about not getting enough time or energy, they either get upset, disappear only to return another day or they are very apologe..

Have you ever cried out to the Lord and said, “Holy Spirit, USE ME! Send me to NATIONS, LORD! I desire for you to use every part of me for your glory!”
I have definitely been there. I remember crying out to the Lord one day with all of my heart, GOD! With tears in my eyes, I begged him, LORD, SEND ME TO NATIONS! I want NATIONS to know your NAME! I want PEOPLE to come into the saving knowledge of WHO YOU ARE!!!! Oh Lord, send ME so that nations may come into the knowledge of who you are. Lord, SE..

I have this small garden outside of our home and I'm super excited about it because the idea of picking vegetables from my own garden simply makes my heart explode with happiness. lol Nonetheless, as I was planting the garden, Logan (My 3 year old) came outside to help me. He was so excited to help that he THREW a handful of carrot seeds into the garden. The goal was to space out the carrots so that they would grow properly. I tried to space out the carrot seeds as much as I could in the mi..

Are you getting attacked right now in your life? Does it seem like everyone is blazing ahead but you're just standing there, stagnant? Wondering when God is going to open a door in your life or when things are just going to get easier? Wondering when your single life will get better? Wondering when your marriage will get better?
Deep down, you may be thinking – if I could just get that job. If I could just get married. If my husband would just change, Lord! THEN I will be happy!
Instead, G..

Are you silently mad at God? Maybe, things didn't work out the way you planned. Maybe, you're still single after thinking you would be married by now. Maybe, you still cannot conceive a child and you've been praying and fasting. Maybe, you didn't get into that college or your financial aid fell through and you don't understand because you thought God told you to go. Maybe, your husband isn't changing after you've been waring in prayer. Maybe, you're still ..

I am SO excited to announce the release of my brand new book, “The Purpose Room: A Meeting Place Where You Discover, Birth and Accomplish Your God Given Purpose.” Gosh, this book was so hard to write. If I can be totally honest, it challenged me and made me uncomfortable to write the book because it exposed the areas that I really needed to work on regarding my purpose. Areas like procrastination. Being lazy. Being distracted. Putting things off “for another day” because I am tired with these two..

What are you stressed out about right now? What tests are you experiencing right now? I sense that there's such an attack on believers right now. It seems like it's one thing after another. Regardless of what you are experiencing right now, we must make a decision to hold tight to the word of God and NEVER ever let go. We must make a decision to not get depressed, worried or in fear about our tomorrows.
I love 2 Corinthians 12: 8-10 and it says: “Therefore, in order to keep me from bec..

So, one morning, I was scrolling on my TimeHop app and I saw that five years ago, around this time – my husband and I were in Dubai! It was SO much fun! We went out to visit a friend and host a small bible study.
No kids.
No mommy guilt.
No “what is so & so doing?”
No worrying about my babies.
No stressing out about my babies.
No food prep before you leave for your babies.
No arranging with family members.
No nothing.
Just a couple of carefree people, enjoying Dubai!
A photo I snapped in 20..