Wednesday 21 December 2016

About 60 million children in China are “left behind” in their home villages, to be looked after by their grandparents or relatives because their parents are trying to find work in cities.

This enormous group of neglected children – more than a quarter of the 215 million children in China – is in great need of hope, encouragement and care.

These “left-behind” children are highly vulnerable to serious crimes such as sexual abuse and assault and suff..

Saturday 20 December 2016

Next year is a special year. Bible Society Australia will be celebrating its bicentenary, but 2017 is not only about thanking God for all he’s done in the past through his word.

Bible Society Australia is calling upon you, your church and your community groups to help us continue the legacy of equipping our people with the life-giving word of God.

Get The Word Out (GTWO) is Bible Society Australia’s year-long focus on providing one nation on earth ..

Monday 19 December 2016

Bible Society Australia isn’t about any one person. From the very start we’ve been a Society. Bible Society is the thousands of supporters and volunteers like you. And it’s through your generosity this year we’ve been able to:

Train 30 literacy teachers in South Sudan under Professor Twong Yolong – so thousands of Collo people, traumatised by war, can read and write
Translated the scriptures to the Tay, Nung and Muong people in Vietnam –..

A bomb blast in St Peter’s church in Cairo on Sunday killed 25 people and wounded 49, mostly women and children.

The bombing during morning mass was the deadliest attack on Egypt’s Christians since a 2011 bombing killed 21 people at a church in Alexandria.

The Sunday bombing is the latest indication of how challenging it is for Christians living in Egypt, who account for about 10 per cent of Egypt’s 92 million people.

The Bible Society of Egypt has requested prayers f..

Saturday 10 December 2016

Bible Society and Koorong now share a huge 2500-square-metre warehouse at Erskine Park in western Sydney.

From here, hundreds of thousands of Bibles and Christian books are shipped to all corners of Australia and the Pacific under the watchful eye of warehouse manager John Park and his staff of 40.

John is enjoying his expanded role with responsibility for six new staff and managing extra sales.

“All the extra money profited or saved within thi..

Friday 4 November 2016

Imagine not being able to read this sentence. Perhaps you can’t get your head around that because you have been able to read and write since you can remember. But according to the latest UNESCO figures, 758 million adults (aged 15 years and older) across the world remain unable to do so. Imagine – nearly 760 million adults are not able to read and write in their heart language!

Let’s put it another way: 33 times the total population of Australia is il..

Friday 25 November 2016

Although the nations in the South Pacific enjoy a long history of Christian mission, many contemporary churches still don’t have the Scriptures in their own language, and those that do are forced to read old-fashioned Bible translations that don’t really connect with a new generation of Christians.

Bible Society South Pacific is committed to meeting this need, and is in the middle of a ten-year project to provide updated and new biblical materials to ..

We’re celebrating the Bible in 2017 and on Sunday March 5th a very special event will take place in partnership with Hillsong and live streamed in churches across the nation. Key speakers include Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies and Hillsong’s Brian Houston, with more announcements to be made prior to the event.

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CHRISTIAN LIVING | Mark Leach – Rector of Darling Street Anglican, Rozelle, Sydney
Tuesday 22 November 2016

Some of the most radical, inspiring and challenging verses I’ve ever read are 1 Cor 9:1-23 where Paul outlines his rights as an Apostle. A Roman citizen, a Hebrew of Hebrews, he comes from a background of privilege. In addition, he is an Apostle transformed by an encounter with Jesus and he is the guy who started the church in Corinth.

But Paul says he gives up all his rights, his freed..

Friday 18 November 2015

A team of 14 young people aged 15-27, mostly schoolies, leave this weekend for a two-week mission trip to Cambodia for Bible Society Australia. The main focus will be visiting the literacy schools run by Bible Society Cambodia.

“The schoolies are giving up their party time to go and help out in the literacy schools and give Bibles to the graduates. The team will also run children’s programmes in villages giving out a special booklet, Jesus is Born, th..