It has been too long since I’ve shared a selection of letters to the editor. Here, then, are a few that have come my way in recent weeks.

Letters on Do Children Have a Financial Obligation Toward Their Parents?
I appreciated your article and feel convicted, as I have in-laws that were frugal, and had the foresight to prepare for their retirement, while my parents were not. I have had conversations with them to consider their future more seriously, only to face argument and hurt feelings. I woul..

We are more than our thoughts and more than our desires, but we are certainly not less. What fills our minds and forms our dreams tells us who we really are, what we really long for, whom we really serve. Evil thoughts and evil desires reveal a deep captivity to sin and evil. This should concern us, for God assures us he has a deep loathing for evil thoughts. He has a deep loathing for those who think evil thoughts. We have already seen that God hates idolatry, sexual immorality, injustice, hypo..

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Why Pro-Lifers Focus So Much on Abortion
Matthew Lee Anderson has an interesting piece in Vox. “For the pro-lifer, that ‘clump of cells’ is as wondrous, as potent, as mysterious as, well, the cosmos. The recognition of the ‘baby’ induces a hushed reverence. The universe once appeared out of nothing, a fact that reasonably seems to induce the strange vertigo of awe, but the formation of a new human be..

It’s not an easy time to be a six-day creationist. For some time now, the weight of conviction within the Evangelical world has swung toward views that demand an old earth. While few Christians are full-out theistic evolutionists, more and more believers hold to an ancient universe with all the complications that come with it: the interpretation of the word “day” as used in the creation account, the necessity of admitting death before the fall, and the reality that in so many ways the early chap..

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Leading Your Family in God’s Two Gardens
There is lots to ponder and apply in this article from J.D. Greear: “An inheritance is what you leave behind for future generations. So when a church thinks about what they are ‘leaving behind’ for their city, they shouldn’t be thinking of mini..

We must be the most entertained generation in all of human history. We take entertainment as our inalienable right. If we work hard during the day, we assume we have earned a few hours of amusement at night. Actually, we can’t even make it through the day without at least a few distractions—a couple of web sites in the morning, some quick YouTube videos at lunch, sports radio on the drive home. The evening hours are for Netflix, of course, and for video games, coloring books, or the occasional m..

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Did Old Testament Men Treat Their Wives Like Property?
Amy Hall: “Every once in a while, I’ll hear someone throw out the idea that men in the Old Testament treated their wives like property as if it’s an obvious, accepted fact. I’m not convinced it’s true.”

To Be A Diaper Changer
Nick Batzig engages an important idea: “One doesn’t have to look far these days to see how ready the better part of y..

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Second Opinion
I recently reviewed Greg Koukl’s book The Story of Reality. So, too, did David Steele, whose reviews I always enjoy. Here is what he says about it: “The Story of Reality is a very important book. This book should be devoured again and again by Christian people. And this book should be gifted to people who have yet embraced the Story. Koukl writes with an ..

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Westminster Book’s weekly sale is on a resource I’ve heard to be excellent: Sons in the Son by David Garner.

Community Requires Vulnerability
I continue to enjoy Christine Hoover’s reflections on friendship. “Vulnerability is the spark for us to enjoy and help cultivate true community. Only through vulnerability can we fulfill the ‘one anothers’ of Scripture—pray for one another, c..

The history of Christ’s church is inseparable from the history of Satan’s attempts to destroy her. While difficult challenges have arisen from outside the church, the most dangerous have always been from within. For from within arise the false teachers, the peddlers of error who masquerade as teachers of truth. False teachers take on many forms, custom-crafted to times, cultures, and contexts. Here are seven of them you will find carrying out their deceptive, destructive work in the church today..