Introducing the world to our little princess, Taylor Milan Lindsey!

First, how did we come up with her name?

While me & Cornelius were courting, we used to joke and make stick figures creating our little family. The first stick figure was a little boy named “Logan,” the second, a little girl named Taylor. And.. there was a third & I think we are going to adopt him/her! 🙂
So, as we searched high and low for girl names, we couldn't agree on one name. It's crazy how many people you rea..

It can feel like the sky is falling in.

Can feel like the edges of all things sane and good and beautiful and right are being crushed by an indifferent madness.

Can feel like we have to get out of town, get out of the whirl, the noise, the circling buzz that might drive a soul tone deaf.

You can go looking for big open places to exhale, to surrender to the way even your breathing can't stop saying the syllables of His name. YHWH, YHWH.

They say that the number of Americans who describe the..

Sometimes we can get tested out of NOWHERE and those tests can sometimes bring a fear to our heart. But it's in those moments that you have to APPLY your quiet time with the Lord, what you've learned at conferences, church and the books you read on faith. It's not enough to simply be fat off of the word of God – at some point, we have to take what we've learned and APPLY it to our life. We walk by FAITH and not by SIGHT. Which means, although the circumstances look BAD as you..