When my proofreaders see this title, they are going to want to fix that dangling participle, “beyond”! They will want to add an object to the preposition — e.g., “live beyond tomorrow” or “live beyond our children's faith” or “live beyond the present generation.” Sometimes, however, what a phrase communicates is more important than grammatical correctness. We need to live beyond… I want you to choose the object of the preposition that is right for your life!

Whatever holds us captive, we ..

Today we are decorating for Christmas. Decorating is a whole family experience. Our grandsons, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and spiritual daughter, Karen all are part of the event. As we pulled out the nativity set, I couldn't help but remember the story you are about to read. It is one of my favorite Philip Gulley stories because it reminds me why I need Jesus; not just at Christmas, but every day of the year! Blessings to you and yours during this special time of year. Let's not forget the reason for the season and the grace that brought God to the womb of Mary and our Savior to a manger in Bethlehem. —Phil Ware

My mother-in-law, Ruby, lives in southern Indiana in the town of Paoli. We spend family Christmas with her. Those good people in Paoli remember what Christmas is all about. Each year, just before Thanksgiving, Herb from the street department hauls the baby Jesus, his mommy and daddy, and an assortment of livestock and shepherds and wise men out of ..

“Whatever… ”

The Wednesday morning before turkey and pie and black Friday flyers, I wake up to this smothering of fog and this teen muttering it through the kitchen: “Whatever.”

And what do you say but that's not quite the way to start off the day, and he shrugs his shoulders and slams the bathroom door behind him, and I get it.

It's there on the mantle, this framed God-thunder, “Give Thanks.”

It's no neon sign, more this painting in a quaint Shaker-style. There's only two..

There is something downright vicious going on out there today. Everybody is passing judgment on you. They are assigning worth to you by measuring your performance. Your boss is criticizing you. Or, if you are the boss, the board has set the date for your annual performance review. Everybody's a critic!

Okay, there is a certain legitimacy to it. People can't be carried on the payroll who don't perform. Incompetent persons in critical roles gum up the works for everybody else. Accountability is a good thing. But some things that are done in the name of evaluation and accountability are mean, hateful, and destructive.

There is such a thing as a critical spirit that perpetually leaves in its wake a bevy of wounded souls and countless damaged or destroyed relationships. Harsh criticism from people who enjoy dishing it out is like a battering ram against even the most secure, strong-willed people in the world.

Enough whining now! The issue is not to decide whether or not such ..

Spotlight is a throwback to the golden age of seventies cinema. It is a whip smart tribute to investigative journalism, rooted in character and grounded in a world where the most special effect is human emotion. Spotlight follows the tireless efforts of a team of reporters from The Boston Globe to uncover the sexual abuse perpetrated by far too many Roman Catholic priests. The most disturbing revelations in this true story involve the systematic cover up by Cardinal Bernard Law and the Boston Ar..