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US Election: When Will We Know The US Election Result?


The nastiest election in memory comes to a gritty end.

It is difficult to predict when the result will be known as six major broadcast channels in the US will "call" the results in each state at different times.

Some are obvious already. Wyoming and Nebraska have not gone to the Democrats since 1964 so you can expect them to be called long before the votes are officially published. Equally Minnesota has not gone Republican since 1972 so that is likely to be called early on.

But some results are less certain and it is these "swing states" that the result of the election will turn on.

Here are some key timings to look out for if you're planning on staying up to watch in the UK.


23.00 First polls close

The first states to close their polling are Indiana and Kentucky and will begin counting the votes. Both are traditionally Republican strongholds.

00.00 Polls closes in battleground states of Florida and Virginia

Exit polls from these two crucial states will give the first projections on which way they will go.

01.00 Polls close in a host of other states

Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Texas will all stop voting.

Pennsylvania and Michigan are the two big target states to look out for.

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02.00 More states close their polls

Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming all close here with Colarado and Wisconsim prospective swing states to keep an eye on.

03.00 Two key swing states close

Iowa and Nevada close their polls along with Arizona, Montana and Utah.

04.00 is the earliest time the result could be "called"

The Western coast states of California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon and Washington will also close at the time.


After the polls in each state the race is on for broadcasters to make a confident "call" on which way it will go, usually long before the results have been announced. It is important to note these are not always authoritative even if they give an indication of which way the state is leaning.

How early we know the result will depend on how close it is. The closer the race, the longer it will be before anyone will assertively declare a result.

But if previous races are anything to go by the result should be clear by shortly before dawn UK time. In 2012 Mitt Romney had given his concession speech by 6am and it is likely we will know the result by then.

Christian Today will run a live blog throughout the night for all the latest results and reaction from political and religious commentators on both sides of the pond.

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