Christians in Nigeria’s Yobe State Face Pressure to Convert to Islam

tlg-christian-news-persecution-christians-in-nigerias-yobe-state-face-pressure-to-convert-to-islam(Open Doors USA) The long drawn-out Boko Haram insurgency in Northern Nigeria has created an ongoing humanitarian disaster. In the northern state of Yobe, one of the three worst affected states, Christians who have finally returned to their destroyed and severely damaged communities are facing added pressure for their faith.

Reports reached Open Doors that while the government has spent millions on rebuilding other communities and restoring amenities, Kukar Gadu, Yobe’s only Christian community, has been abandoned. No restructuring has taken place there. We have also been informed that about 50 Christians who had been employed in government jobs were dismissed because they did not come to work during the insurgency. To our knowledge, no Muslims were dismissed for this reason.

These circumstances exacerbate the poverty and hunger Christians are already facing, making them increasingly vulnerable to pressure from Muslims to convert to Islam in exchange for financial support. So far, we are aware of ten people who have converted to Islam to receive the finances needed to start new businesses.

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